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Perfect Rug Runner for your Hallway

Posted on: November 16, 2012

The very word rugs bring to mind beautiful rugs in sitting room or living room. But one hardly gives a thought to carpeting the hallways. The hallways form an integral part as it connects all the rooms and yet when it comes to beautification it remains the most neglected part of your home. Putting a rug runner will definitely enhance the beauty of your home as it makes your home look really elegant and royal and tie all the different spaces together.

As good as the idea seems, shopping for rug runner takes a bit of time and planning. When you go searching for the rug runner, you realize that the rug runners are either too wide or too long for your home. You will also find that there are various beautiful colours and designs to choose from. Prepare yourself with a few measurements and you can get the right rug runner for your hallway.

First demarcate the area you would like to carpet and calculate the area. Take the width of your hallway and deduct 4 inches from it, say if your hallway is 50 inches deduct 4 inches and write down the measurement as 46 inches. The idea is to leave 2 inches border floor on either sides of the rug from the wall. Similarly after measuring the length, deduct 22 inches from the total length of the hallway. This will leave 11 inches on either ends of the carpet from the walls. This is to ensure that the carpet does not over power your hallway. The space on either side of the carpet gives a neat decent look to your hallway.

Make sure the rug runner does not end in the middle of your hallway. If your hallway is very long use two or more carpets. If you are using more than one you have the option of using the same design or contrasting colour and design of rugs. The choice is purely personal. The most important aspect is to maintain the same dimensions. They definitely need to be identical in both respects – width and length. One long and other short rug runner will spoil the show of the hallway. If the hallway is too long for one carpet then get two carpets of the same lengths. For example if the length is 12 meters and you have been able to get maximum of 10 meters in continuous length, go for two lengths of 6 meters instead of one 10 and another 2 meters to fill in the balance space separately.

Now that you are armed with the measurements you can go shopping for rugs and no you don’t need to leave your home for that. Today online shopping is not just a trend but a great time and money saving tool. Browse online for different designs and colours, choose from traditional floral designs, oriental patterns, ultra modern designs, animal prints or geometric designs, the pictures are all up there on the site for you to understand exactly what you can expect. And while on it don’t forget to look for daily deals and discount offers these sites are always ready to offer.

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